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Spectrum Analyser 45-2250MHz Incl. QPSK / 8PSK / BER / DVB-S/S2

Spectrum Analyser 45-2250MHz Incl. QPSK / 8PSK / BER / DVB-S/S2


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Digital Measurements Include:

  • CH-BER (Pre Viterbi),
  • PV-BER (Post Viterbi),
  • MER, RS-Uncorrected, NM, CSI,
  • SNR & EVM, constellation display for version chosen

AP201S Main Features:

  • Frequency Range: Continuous 45-2250 MHz
  • Spectrum Analyser: Real Time -- 2 Markers
  • MPEG2: MPEG2 decoder
  • DISEqC: 1.1; 1.2 (ROTOR); 2.0; SCR
  • Data-Logger: 5 plans containing 50 programs each
  • 1500 Measures Capability
  • Monitor: Colour LCD 5.7" 320x240, High Brightness
  • Battery: Li-Ion, more than 4h Autonomy; 4h charge time
  • "CLC" Function: Calculation of cable length from the measurement point to the fault point (optional noise generator required)
  • "TP-Sat" Function: Pre-stored satellite table to recall transponders directly
  • AER: Adaptive Equaliser Response for echo & SFN analysis. Available only for DVB-T & DVB-C, range to 67kms.


- 5-65 MHz Converter module (fitting at factory only)
- Internal Noise Generator
- Battery charger for car lighter

Ask about our Fibre Optic Adaptor Kit.

Spare Parts:

- Li-Ion battery pack
- Battery charger
- Reinforced nylon bag

Aslo available AP201 S PLUS (DVB-S):

  • QPSK/8PSK module for DVB-S/DVB-S2 digital measurements
  • MPEG2 module with NIT (Network Information Table)
  • DVB-T virtual measurements
  • DVB-C virtual measurements
  • Reinforced nylon bag

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