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Terrestrial DVB Handheld Meter DC Power meas. Digital TV Signal Analyser

Terrestrial DVB Handheld Meter DC Power meas. Digital TV Signal Analyser


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Feather weight at 500 grams

No more sore necks, the DAT103 means business packing all its tools in a small unit, trips to reception equipment get done faster no more lugging heavy instruments around!

Powers masthead amplifiers

With the push of a button the DAT103 sends voltage to a masthead, no more connections to a power pack for signal verification. Powering reception equipment directly from the DAT103 makes it easy to find the perfect spot to mount your reception equipment.

Every measurement a technician needs

BER, MER, dBuV, dBm and more. It includes every measurement a technician needs to get the job done. All measured with genuine accuracy and in real time, never worry about having poor signals again.

Full spectrum and constellation

The DAT103 gives readouts previously only available on larger and more costly spectrum analyzers displaying real-time spectrum and constellation array readouts, powerful troubleshooting tools.
Get a quick idea of what's happening by looking at the whole spectrum, or zoom in to check individual transmitters, all in real time.

Monitor, log and email

Hook up a laptop to the USB2 connection and download a copy of the DAT103's large database of logged measurements. Using the included software suite it's also possible to monitor the spectrum and constellation readouts which can then be exported directly to an office document or to be emailed.

Manufactured in Europe

Excellent reliability with an included 12 month warranty. Servicing support done exclusively in our Australian lab.

Included Accessories

- Impact resistant holster
- IT tools software suite
- F-F adaptor
- Power pack charger
- Printed manual
- Li-ion battery

Product Code: DAT103

Category: Labgear Digital & Analogue TV Analyser

Brand: Labgear

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