1080P HD Modulator. Single HDMI input. MPEG 2 (PAL)

1080P HD Modulator. Single HDMI input. MPEG 2 (PAL)

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MOD1HDv2 is a compact single silicon low latency MPEG2 Full HD 1080p DVB-T Modulator. It includes a range of presets that allow many MOD1HDv2 to be setup on a MATV network quickly, no laptop or network configuration needed.

Rack mount bracket options available -- BKT193RU 19" multi-purpose 3RU Rack Mount Bracket. Designed to mount 6 x PayTV boxes or 4 x MOD1HDv2s and 4 x PayTV boxes or 8 x MOD1HDv2s. Also available MOD1BKT 19" rack mount bracket for mounting two MOD1HDv2 modulators.

  • Convert 1 HDMI HD video and audio input into MPEG2.
  • Encoding MPEG-2 MP@ML.
  • Resolution up to 1080p @30fps matches PayTV HD.
  • Program via front keypad & LCD.
  • Full Band output, RF frequency range 177.5MHz to 816.5MHz. BER >00e5, MER >36db typical.
  • Output level 101 to 69dbuv.
  • USB2.0 software update port.
  • Better picture quality promise.
  • Fully Programmable all parameters can be customised easily from the menu.
  • Low latency reduced time delay between input video and output program.
  • Quick Deploy many HD channels reduces setup time.

Product Code: MOD1HDv2

Category: Digital HD Modulator

Brand: Ogg Labs

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