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Ultra compact design dual polarity dual output with retractable sleeve to ensure a waterproof installation.

Optus frequency range.  Recommended for VAST.


Local Osc. Frequency: 10.7GHz
Input Frequency Range: 11.7–12.75GHz
Output Frequency Range: 2x 1,000–2,050MHz  (Dual output)
Noise Figure: 0.8dB typical
F/D Ratio: 0.6
Input Reflector Type: Offset
Conversion Gain: 50dB (min.) 62dB (max.)
Gain Flatness: ± 0.5dB / 27MHz
L.O. Frequency Stability: ± 3MHz
L.O. Phase Noise: @IKHz Offset: -55dBc/Hz, @I0KHz Offset: -80dBc/Hz, @I00KHz Offset: -100dBc/Hz
Output Return Loss: 8dB
D.C. Current Consumption: 160mA (typ.) on Twitter