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Masthead Amplifier

Tight Filtering passes only the continuing TV bands. All Radio Communications including Lte and GSM are removed, low band noise is eliminated.

Deep weatherproof ABS case with space for longer compression connectors.

Tin plated internal shielded case enhances conductivity whilst inhibiting corrosion. Lead free.

Filtering passes only the necessary spectrum for TV and FM radio; 88 - 108MHz.

Attenuators provide up to 20dB of level adjustment at each input.

  • Input : 2 - FM (88-230MHz),
                    UHF (528-694MHz)
  • Gain : VHF FM 30dB,
               UHF 36dB
  • Adjustable Gain: 0-20dB
  • Maximum Output Level (dBμV) : 
    DIN 45004B, IMD3= -60dB, 3P, 108dBμv
    EN 50083-3, IMD3= -60dB, 2P 105dBμv
  • Power Supply : 12V DC (compatible with Aerial Industries PS12DCP and PS12DCF Power Supplies)
  • Consumption: 75mA
  • Connection: F Connectors

Also available AIMA224 and AIMA236.


AIMA236E Datasheet PDF on Twitter