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Cluster Headend with Integrated Programmer

Channel Selective Filtering & Amplification of Television Signals 

An agile multi-cluster headend amplifier, FRPRO10 tightly controls Digital and Analogue television channels. 10 flexible UHF channel clusters can be arranged to pass only the channels you require.

An all band 3 input passes Australian channels 6 to 12 with excellent flatness. High selectivity enables equalisation of channels even with significant level variations.

FRPR10 is simple to set up by loading a pre-configured plan from USB flash drive, or the built in keypad. The USB port also enables the installer to save configurations on a USB memory stick for repeat installs. Easy installation in just a few minutes with the Cluster Auto Alignment function.

Lte is easily eliminated.

Also available FRPRO10S.

  • 10 adjustable UHF cluster filters — up to 46dB Gain.
  • Up to 10 adjacent channels in each cluster.
  • 2 assignable UHF inputs, switchable 12 & 24V DC for mast amplifiers.
  • AUX UHF input enables additions to the distribution.
  • All Band 3 input including DAB+ with gain adjustment.
  • Adjustable combined output up to 110dBμv.
  • Cluster Auto Alignment can set levels automatically.
  • Applications include: clubs, hotels, homes and multi-channel television environments.

The FRPRO software for personal computer (downloadable from the link below) allows you to:

- Change the setting of the channel.

- Create additional configurations to be used on different sites.

- Preset all configuration parameters for direct upload via USB flash drive or back up for future use.

- Dynamically align inputs with the input amplifier adjustment to optimise the noise figure.


FRPRO10 Datasheet PDF

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