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Standard:                                 BB Australia Stereo 
(ITU BS707-4)
Frequency Range:                  47-862MHz
Channels:                                0..5A,S1..S10,6..12,S11..S41,21..75
Modulation:                             DSB
Audio/Video input:                  2 x RCA Audio, 1 x RCA Video
Extension input (RF):               F female
TV output (RF):                        F female
Video input level:                   1,0Vpp(75Ω)
Audio input level:                   0,2-2,0Vrms(>10KΩ)         
Output level:                           84dBµV
Output level adjust:                -15dB
Extension input(RF) loss:        0.9dB
Carrier/noise Ratio (C/N):       >58dB
Mains Voltage:                        240V-50/60Hz, 5VA
Operating Temp:                     -10..+65°C     
Protection Index:                    IP 20

Double sideband Stereo Modulator
MD531 is a new stereo TV modulator with features that suit both professional and domestic applications. Connecting to existing equipment is simple through the RF input. F type RF and RCA AV connectors round out MD531 connectivity. A wide range of Australian output frequencies between 45 and 860MHz including S channels can be easily selected. Output level can be reduced by up to -15db where necessary or a serious distribution network of say 30 tv's directly connected. On-board mains supply included. on Twitter