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Terrestrial Compact Headend with 8 TV Tuner In / 8 DVB-T Output MUX

Terrestrial Compact Headend with 8 TV Tuner In / 8 DVB-T Output MUX


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A compact Digital Television signal processing and management headend with applications beyond hospitality and Multi Dwelling Unit markets.

It receives up to 8 x DVB-T, DVB-T2 or DVB-C digital input multiplexes, decrypts HD and SD program contents through Pro CAMs and remodulate to 8 'customised' DVB-T 2K outputs.

Allows the installer to freely choose encrypted and Free Terrestrial TV programs from any input, sidestepping any broadcaster strategic program reallocation issues. D-Matrix-8T allows deployment of many digital programs across your coaxial network.

  • Multiple TV Inputs: 8 x DVB-T2 / T or DVB-C TV tuners connect in pairs to the four F connector coax inputs.
  • Multiple TV Outputs: 8 x DVB-T (2K) output muxes (two sets of four adjacent channel digital modulators each).
  • Multiple CI Slots: 2 Common Interface slots permit on board decryption of secured program.
  • "Matrix Technology": 8 DVB-T digital re-modulators: each of two digital modulators groups can be set in three different working modes: single, twin or quad to maximise headend management flexibility.
  • 'Mux-ad-Hoc': create output muxes with programs selected from the 8 input TV multiplexes. Manage each muxes descriptor parameters (ONID, TSID, NetID etc.) and each program inside the mux (LCN, SID, PID & Program name).
  • Two groups of adjacent digital modulators in DVB-T or DVB-C "ad-Hoc" multiplexes can be generated --
  • select content for distribution in channels anywhere across the TV bands.
  • Web interface in D-Matrix-8T permits web based remote or local configuration and control. The onboard keyboard enables basic configuration.
  • Auto Remapping permits program changes in Real Time without the need to re-tune all televisions on the network.
  • Automatic Recovery Procedure (ARP2.0) guarantees service continuity in the event of bitrate overflow, thereby avoiding picture freezing. Programs restore sequentially when the global bitrate recovers .
  • USB port for .ts video file playback, firmware upgrade and system configuration.
  • DVB-T (COFDM) or DVB-C (QAM) output modulation is software selectable by the user.

Product Code: D-MATRIX-8T

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Brand: Fracarro

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