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HDMI Extender CAT5e CAT6 70 Metres with IR Return and HDMI Loopthrough

HDMI Extender CAT5e CAT6 70 Metres with IR Return and HDMI Loopthrough


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Extends HDMI Signal Between Transmitter and Receiver over Single  CAT6 or CAT5e Cable, up to 70m away

  • Sends 4K or 2K HDCP 1.4 Video at up to 30Hz, as far as 70 metres

  • Electronic Display IDentification sync's Output Resolution to Monitor

  • Embedded Multi-Channel Audio and Embedded Infra Red Remote Control Extender


  • Sends 4K or 2K 30Hz Video as far as 70m, with Embedded Multi-Channel Audio and IR extension.

    The maximum transmission distance via a single CAT6/5E cable is as follows: 

  • CAT6:   230ft/70 Metres for 1080p, 13ft/40 Metres for 4K30

  • CAT5E: 197ft/60 Metres for 1080p, 115ft/35 Metres for 4K30

  • Transmitter Loop Out provides an additional HDMI out that permits cascading

  • Power over Cable runs the Receiver & Transmitter from just 1 power supply

  • Automatic CAT6 or CAT5e cable length equalization, no switches to set

  • EDID used to select optimum output display or monitor resolution

  • IR repeater included can be bi-directional (optional)

  • HDMI 1.4, HDCP 1.4 and DVI 1.0 Compliant



  • 1x HDMI Transmitter

  • 1x HDMI Receiver

  • 1x IR Blaster (sender) 1.5 metre cable

  • 1x IR Target (receiver) 1.5 metre cable

  • 1x 12V 1 Amp DC Power Adapter

  • 1x User Manual


Aerial Industries HDMI Extender

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