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Satellite LNBF Quad SCR LNB with 1 Legacy OPTUS

Satellite LNBF Quad SCR LNB with 1 Legacy OPTUS


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Allows up to 4 decoders / satellite receivers to be connected to the same dish by using a single cable. Low phase noise and consumption with high frequency stability.

Each SCR LNB has a double output: "legacy" behaves like a universal one output LNB, "unicable" connects the cable to the 4 satellite receivers. By simultaneously using the 2 outputs, it is possible to connect up o 5 satellite receivers.

Optus frequency range.

  • User SCR: 4
  • User Legacy: 1
  • Input Frequency Range: 10.7 to 11.7GHz - 11.7 to 12.75GHz
  • Output Frequency SCR: 1,210 - 1,420 - 1680 - 2040MHz
  • Output Frequency Legacy: 950-2150MHz
  • Noise Figure: 1.1dB typical
  • Conversion Gain: 50dB (min.) 65dB (max.)
  • Gain Flatness: ± 0.5dB / 26MHz
  • D.C. Current Consumption: 350mA maximum
  • Band and Polarity Selection SCR: DiSEqC-ST command
  • Polarity Switching Voltage: V<14V, H>16V DC
  • Low Band 0KHz-High Band 22KHz ± 4kHz

Product Code: SCR41S

Category: LNBFs

Brand: Fracarro

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