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About Expertise has over thirty years of product design and engineering experience which has enabled us to develop our own unique range of telecommunications products, since 1987. We are an Australian family-owned and operated business and Master Distributor for Fracarro Digital TV Antennas and SMATV/MATV commercial products.

We are able to deliver high-quality products through some of the largest Electrical Wholesalers, Electrical Resellers and Professional AV Installers in Australia. We provide options for nationwide delivery and logistical support from Australia’s largest Wholesaling Importer and Distributor of Television Reception Electronics. Our branches are based in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville and Launceston. is the Number 1 Digital TV Antenna Supplier in Australia.


Aerial Industries is a respected and recognised product brand produced by

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Industry Leadership

As an Industry leader in MATV system design, we play a vital role in providing our customers with technologically advanced products and expertise. Thanks to the support of professional installers we have grown into one of Australia's largest reception solution suppliers, contributing to the delivery of stable digital TV signals around Australia.

Product Range

Our extensive range of Digital Modulation products provides effectively lossless paths from DVB-S to DVB-T and products that modulate HDMI, Component or Composite AV to Digital for use by embedded receivers in new flat panel TV's across MATV networks of any size. We also have several IPTV solutions, depending on your customers' requirements.

The switch over to Digital TV has created many opportunities for our industry and offers the most comprehensive range of Australian made and imported television reception equipment. Team

Our team of technical specialists is equipped to handle your enquiries. Our products continue to be successfully employed in a number of Australian TV broadcast environments. 


We supply Wholesale and businesses in Australia with Quality products and services. Quantity discounts are available to volume purchasers. Please contact our Sales Team for more information.


Our commercial division designs MATV, CATV, SMATV, and Fibre optic TV systems both large and small and provides an advisory service to help solve television reception problems. Please contact our Technical Engineering Team for all MATV Requests