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Aerial Industries

Innovative Digital Telecommunications Products

Aerial Industries
  • Antennas & Mounting Hardware
  • Vast Satellite equipment
  • Field Strength Meters
  • TV Coaxial Cable
  • Splitters and Amplifiers
  • Connectors & Adaptors
  • HDMI Leads & Accessories
  • CCTV Security Cameras
  • Network Video Recorders
  • Data & Antenna Cabling
  • Digital TV Modulators
  • TV Brackets
  • HD Television Set Top Boxes
Aerial Industries brand represents a diverse range of products covering TV reception accessories, cabling, CCTV cameras and AV accessories.
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  • Television Antennas
  • Antenna Mast Amplifiers
  • Splitters / Taps / Couplers

Fracarro Founded in 1933, Fracarro is today one of the most important companies in reception and distribution of audio video data signals and active security areas. The synergy between the two sectors allows us to offer integrated solutions for the creation of buildings and smart-homes.

Since the beginning, our promise is always to ensure high quality solutions, with particular attention to planning and assistance services to operators in the sector. The headquarters is based in Castelfranco Veneto, Italy, but the horizon is very wide: Fracarro operates in all 5 continents through its subsidiaries and production companies or distributors.


Fracarro’s innovative Fibre Optic System has been designed for simplicity, cost-effectiveness and reliability.

Its small diameter glass fibre is pre-terminated for easy installation and connection. Immunity to electromagnetic interference is guaranteed!

This makes the Fibre Optic System the perfect solution!

The Fibre transmitters and receivers distribute 4 satellite polarities and terrestrial signals over one single-mode fibre optic cable with minimal signal loss and are ideal for reaching long distances.

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  • Residential Tv Amplifiers
  • Commercial Amplifiers including Terrestrial and Satellite
Kingray is a proud Australian-owned company established in 1959 and they continue to grow today & into the future, with a diversified product range to accommodate a new era of delivering Satellite & TV services over optical fibre cable.
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  • Digital TV Modulators
  • Antenna Tin and Tile Mounts
OGG LABS brand was founded with a vision to achieve technologically advanced product solutions for common problems associated with television reception. OGG LABS is committed to delivering solutions for digital content, specialising in DVB-T and HDMI products for TV.
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  • Wall Plates
  • Data and HDMI Inserts
  • Patch Panels
Amdex designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of connectivity products for use in the IT, Data Communications and Telecommunications industry sectors.
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Pro 2
  • Wall Plates
  • Cables
Pro.2 is recognized as a leading brand in the Australian AV industry.
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Rover Instruments

  • Terrestrial Signal Meters
  • Satellite Signal Meters
The Rover Instruments strategy is very clear and simple and is based on the experience and know-how gained in more than 30 years of business activity. It can be summarized by the following 3 simple points:
  • Continuous technological up-grades (Advanced Technology)
  • Flexibility, to provide a fast response to market demands (Time to Market)
  • Total quality (Customer Satisfaction)
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