Wireless Remote Control Extender

Wireless Remote Control Extender


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Allows operation of your Pay TV, CD, DVD/Blu-ray Player, CCTV Camera, Projectors or almost any AV device using your remote control from another room. IR mouse extension included.

  • Compatible with Pay TV IR control signals.
  • Wireless transmission passes Infra-Red signals through walls and over distances using 434MHz.
  • Delivers clear IR signals up to a range of 100 metres based on clear terrain.
  • Concealed high efficiency antennas -- inside the receiver and transmitter.
  • Infrared emitter extender with self adhesive pad -- sticks to AV device IR sensor window.
  • Weighted base optimises stability of vertical footprint case.
  • Meets Low Interference Potential Devices (LIPD) class licence.

Product Code: HIR434

Category: Remote Control Extenders, AV Accessories

Brand: Healing

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