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Amplifiers & Modulators

Digital HD Modulator

Distribution Amplifiers

In-Line Amplifiers

Masthead Amplifiers

Masthead Distribution Amplifiers

Power Injectors

Antennas, Mounting Hardware and Accessories




Flashing Kits, Bird Spikes


Guying Hardware


Log Periodic Antennas

Low Pass Filters, Band Pass Filters

Mounts, Masts, Chimney Kits, Brackets


Splitters - All port power pass

Taps & Couplers

UHF Phased Arrays

UHF Yagis

VHF Antennas

AV Products

Audio Converter

Audio Speakers

HDMI Adapters

HDMI Converters

HDMI Extenders

HDMI Leads

HDMI Leads 4K

HDMI Splitters & Switchers

High Speed HDMI Leads

Remote Control Extenders, AV Accessories

Cable & Connectors

75 Ohm Terminators

Audio Adapters

AV Leads

BNC Adapters / Connectors

Cable Installation Aids

Coaxial Cable

F Adapters

F Connectors

Network Cable

PAL Adapters

RCA Adapters / Connectors

Speaker Cable


Television Flyleads

TOSlink Leads

USB Leads

VGA Leads

Caravan Equipment & Accessories

Accessories for Caravans & Motor Homes

Caravan Kits


Accessories for CCTV

AHD Accessories

AHD Cameras

IP Cameras

IP Kits


Other CCTV

Data Products & Cabinets

CAT5e / CAT6 Patch Panels

CAT6 Patch Leads

Data Accessories

Wall & Floor Standing Cabinets

Hand Tools

Cable Cutters

Cable Installation Aids

Cable Test Instruments

Coax Cable Strippers

Compression Tools

Crimping Tools

Data Cable Strippers

Data Termination Hand Tools

F Connector Tools


Compact Headends

Fibre Optic Solutions

Headend Amplifiers

Multisplitters & Multitaps


Professional Modular Headends

Satellite Multistacker Solution

Taps & Couplers


VAST Satellite Receivers PVR Ready

Satellite Products


Satellite Accessories

Satellite Finders

Satellite Hardware

Satellite TV Dishes

Test Instruments

Labgear Digital & Analogue TV Analyser

Labgear Digital Satellite Analyser

Optical Power Meters & Light Source

Signal Meters & Satellite Finders

Test Instrument Chargers & Batteries

Unaohm Professional Instruments

TV Brackets

Ceiling Brackets

Fixed TV Mounting Brackets

Full Motion Mounting Brackets

Speaker Brackets

Tilt TV Mounting Brackets

Wall Plate Products

Wall Plate Mechanisms

Wall Plates - Architrave

Wall Plates - Binding

Wall Plates - Brackets

Wall Plates - Brush

Wall Plates - Bullnose

Wall Plates - Data

Wall Plates - Modular

Wall Plates - Mounts

Wall Plates - PDL

Wall Plates - Premium

Wall Plates - Recessed

Wall Plates - Skirting

Wall Plates - Slimline

Wall Plates - Solder

Wall Plates - Standard

Wall Plates - Video Audio